Alexander Hetherington

Alex Millar, The Haunted Object

“This text reflects on a conversation with the artist in his studio with its itinerant assembly of materials and ideas. The text attempts, through encounters with a number of other ‘haunted’ objects, artworks and texts, to animate or frame the artist’s materials, by way of speculation and suggestion, on how they find their way into Millar’s multivalent, alluring visual vocabulary.” (extract from The Haunted Object, 2018)


Gold Head Yellow Dancer, 1-10 June 2018

Combining forms of attachment between the human body, nature and machine, the exhibition takes inspiration from modern and pre-modern configurations of time, together with allusions to personal history and memory. A travelogue of a trip to the Neolithic Ring of Brodgar on Orkney exposes the changing site of the work, revealing diurnal rhythms of the body and the transient nature of light.

A specially commissioned text by the artist and curator Alexander Hetherington, The Haunted Object, will accompany the show.


Opening June 16pm-9pm

Dornoch St Project Space,
Room 13, First Floor
The Old School, Dornoch St
G40 2QT


Alexander Hetherington