Alexander Hetherington

VIDEOTHEQUE, Make-Shift, Modern Edinburgh Film School

Programme notes for a two-week residency during Make-Shift at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, June 2013


“On Spaces of Uncertain Function”,

“A Transmitter of Mysteries”,

“Filming Day for Night, its message is open and allusive”,

“This space evaporates, pursues, too,  yet requests time”,

“flowers and questions, indoor: blue, black, permanent”,

“Sculptural revisions, additions, equally found on photographs, maybe poetry and  possibly films”,

“Displayed revisions echo future actions”,

“Drawing time, no characters”,

“A fluid resemblance to Margaret Tait”,

“Cinépoetry, measurements, once, twice, cut, & Incence”,

“invitations to music on and from FG Scott”,

“the decorative screen, no purpose other than to remain very very very very beautiful”,

“Alain’s remark about A Man at A Window”,

“Sculptural separator, (Lou Reed, Mary Shelley, Kate Bush, Ceal Floyer, Untitled (A Curse), sensorial, jellyfish, every flower in living memory), overload the timid, a lovely counter”,

“le Carousel, for gentlemen only between midnight and 4am”,

“Jimmy Robert, Figure de Style, Hall of Mirrors”


Alexander Hetherington