Alexander Hetherington

Dear Ghost

16mm film, with masking, 16fps, 4 mins, shot on location in Berlin, October 2018


(the centre of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.)



(Nofretete met vogel, three frames)




Dear Ghost flickering with

flames that no longer hurt

deflated lungs expanding

YOU SAY They Can Only

      Burn A Faggot Once




Performed in polari



Blaise Pascal’s Pensées, 1670. ‘This is where our innate knowledge leads us’. ‘This is where unaided knowledge leads us’ as seen in João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva: On the Movement of the Fried Egg and Other Astronomical Bodies, page 41, Ikon, Birmingham, 3 February — 21 March 2010.


A version of Dear Ghost plays with ‘Prelude to Yes, I Know’, by Robert Ashley, from the opera Celestial Excursions, 2005.




Alexander Hetherington