Alexander Hetherington

Once, 16mm camera workshops for artists

San Francisco Botanic Gardens, Robert Ashley, The feeling of the idea of silk scarves in the air, Petaluma, Marin Civic Center, image of Jonathan Jackson (Arthur Jafa), gardens (intrusions), California colors, Now Eleanor’s Idea, looking for something interesting, now turn left still on the inside still, looking for something interesting now turn left, waiting for the sunshine, 25, 26, 27, 28, Anne Colvin reunion, magnetic road, Joan of Arc, red, red, institutional disguises, flowers, brooches. Rainbow flag, red flowers, glitter, hairy man, sleeping man with dog, flowers, Anne Colvin, gay cruise club, a scene of desperation and cruelty, an incorrect method.

Talking, counting, blinking, noting, 16mm camera workshops for artists

Starting January 2019. More information soon.

Emmie McCluskey, Helen McCrorie, Kimberley O’Neill and Katie Shannon

4 reviews of the current coterie of Satellites artists at Collective, Edinburgh

Filming for Jenny Hogarth

Camera assistant for new Jenny Hogarth work. Please stand by.

The Written Object

Flowers (multiple), pewter hands, Helen Duncan, witchcraft trial, fake medium, cheesecloth ectoplasm, Chinese wallpaper, flowers on display, Graham Mack and Catherine Whippey, white marble busts, Margaret (martyr), chandeliers, conservation room, puppets, lamps, wasps, Elisabeth and Mary, individual frames, roses, sunflowers, gestures, addicts, Yvonnes, university art collection, ignored public art sculptures, Bouvard et Pécuchet, verre églomisé…

Alexander Hetherington