Alexander Hetherington

Foil, Sister Films, Aura Aura

Header. 16mm film still, colour, 2021


Animal, 16mm colour film stills, 2021, on expired Vision 2 250D


Frames from rushes for Idle Work (2022), 200T, 2 mins, 14 secs



Kodak Eastman 7231, black and white 16mm film, 2021



16mm film with strobe effect, black and white film, 2o21



Frames at Ishan Clemenco’s Hunter’s Point San Francisco studio, 2021, 16mm colour film, (the most recently broken is the most broken)





Logic slash equals breathe
She gives herself over to hallucinations and tired whisperings
sight, focus, sleep and blindness, uncontrollable desire

hair, animals, minerals, keratin, chitin, crystal





(The Different sounds of my hidden voice) (Idle Work) (The experience of the unseen listener) (Women’s Studies), 16mm film, 20oT, 250D, expired 500T (museum, Glasgow) and expired 250D (animals, feathers, vines) and ink on clear leader, 2021- 2022, some on my revived Canon Scoopic. A film by Alex Hetherington and Catherine Street. Funded through Open Project, Creative Scotland, 2021-2022. Texts by Catherine Street, studio voice recordings by Mark Vernon and field voice recording by Luke Fowler.


Filmed in Bannockburn, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland, San Francisco and Sonoma County, California.



Thank you to Visual Arts Team at Creative Scotland, Catherine Street, Ishan Clemenco, Mark Vernon, Luke Fowler, Rosie Roberts, Sarah Forrest, Wendy Kirkup, Joe Gill in Orange County, CA, Simon Murray, Cheryl Meeker, Katie Bruce, the Korbel Family, James Holcombe, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, Smith Museum, Stirling, Estate of Ellen Cantor, Gauge Film, Digital Orchard and FilmLab at Kodak, Pinewood




Alexander Hetherington