Alexander Hetherington

Nina Edge, The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space, Tate Liverpool, 2008

Excerpt from the review of The Fifth Floor:
Ideas Taking Space

Tate Liverpool, Liverpool
16 December 2008 – 1 February 2009


“Nina Edge assembles a thought game that scrutinizes the framework of participation, consultation and autocratic processes. Participants play an architectural game that serves as a device for inclusion/exclusion, while also observing the structures of thought, memory and decision-making, internal, external, social, cultural and political. It is a performative gathering, similar to the committee room, where abstractions such as policy, power, analysis, choice and involvement generate consequences irrespective of aspiration, integration, entitlement or inclusive ideologies. Edge deliberates on perception and the addictive and competitive nature of game playing alongside the ideological power of chance and systems of authority.”


AN Interface
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Alexander Hetherington