Alexander Hetherington

Rushes for the Creative Lab, CCA, Glasgow

1 – 16mm black and white, silent, screen test, with Catherine Street and Rebecca Green, thanks to James Holcombe.



2. 16mm masking film test, improvised mask, double exposed, though not as radical as I had wanted, light bends, 2 mins 57 seconds, black and white, silent, for now.



3. Cameraless film action, Edwin, 1 min 57 seconds, 24fps, ink on clear leader




4. D8 film used as 16mm, flicker, double exposed, thanks to Gauge Film, 16mm, 5 mins 59 seconds




5. 200 aso/25 asa, filming the sequence, Women’s Studies, from a new text by Catherine Street, for CCA Annex, rushes appearing later in 2021. Thank you to all the artists, Katie Bruce, CCA, Alex Misick and Scott Baxter




6. 35mm colour and black and white stills, prisms, with thanks to Gulabi Lab, Glasgow, 2021



7. Painted animation cells, oil paint on glass, 35mm color reversal.



8. The behavior of animals, 16mm, reversal, double exposed, NMS, Edinburgh, July 2021, silent.




9. 16mm double-x hand processed film stills



10. 16mm film stills, 2021


Sound recording Mark Vernon


‘Made possible with the financial assistance of Visual Artists and Craft Maker Awards: Forth Valley & West Lothian’.

Alexander Hetherington