Alexander Hetherington

Sister Films,


Sister Films, a film by Alex Hetherington & Catherine Street, with Luke Fowler, Wendy Kirkup and Scott Baxter. To view the film please click here. A new essay The Making of a Film by Jessica Higgins was commissioned by the CCA and will be published on CCA Annex and MAP magazine, June 2023.

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Produced by Alex Misick and commissioned by CCA ANNEX, CCA, Glasgow

16mm film, colour and black & white, sound, 2022

Part One 14 mins o8 secs, and Part Two, 8 mins 14 seconds with a production diary, alt-texts and outtakes


Thanks to Alex Misick, Catherine Street, Luke Fowler, Lizzie Malcolm, Annie Hazelwood, Wendy Kirkup, Scott Baxter, Peter Todd, and Stills Gallery, Edinburgh.



Alexander Hetherington