Alexander Hetherington

‘Talking, counting, blinking, noting’, with Wendy Kirkup

Please stand by. Camera lighting test, images with masking, 2019-2020.


Notes on research materials, including a collaborative still life painting.

Roses, irises, poppies and other flowers in a glass vase, on a marble ledge with a tortoiseshell butterfly and insects, 1663 and Still Life: Herring, Cherries and Glassware, Willem van Aelst, 1680


Two Tulips, a shell, a butterfly and a dragonfly, Jacob Merrel, 1637-1640


Still life with flowers, in a glass vase, Jan Davidsz, de Heem and Rachel Ruysch, 1665


Still life with flowers in a glass vase on a stone leaf. Bouquet with ao day flower, rose (white, pink), wheat, cow parsley, carnation (red-white), trosnarcis, sleeping bulb, tulip (red-white), sweet pea, dog rose, honeysuckle, lapflower, Gelderland rose, anemone (red) and an anemone on the plinth (red); furthermore an atalanta butterfly, a caterpillar of psi butterfly, a span caterpillar, beetles, ants and other insects, spiders and a garden snail.




Double-exposed motion picture stock from ‘An Arrangement of Flowers by a Tree Trunk‘ by Rachel Ruysch (1664-1750)




Alexander Hetherington