Alexander Hetherington

Ilam Actual, Luke Fowler, 16mm, 2023

Ilam Actual, Luke Fowler, with Alex Hetherington and Lee Patterson, 2023, colour and sound, 16mm, 2023, 10mins 07 seconds, sound, color and black and white

Screening until 19th November 2023, Screening Room, Arts&Heritage.

Each single-shot film runs continuously for 40 seconds with no editing, reflecting the methods used in ‘actuality films’ – a type of proto-documentary inspired by early cinema pioneers in which a silent film is composed within a single, unedited take.

Luke Fowler interviewed by David Toop for This is Tomorrow. Read the piece here.

Arts&Heritage, National Trust, YHA Ilam Hall, Soft Touch Arts, The Modern Institute


Image: 35mm production still, AH, 2023

Alexander Hetherington