Alexander Hetherington

Marisa’s (& others’) High, Photopsia, Michelle Hannah’s Arm, migraine with aura, Gay Hamilton

2019, 16fps, silent, Orwo, 90ft, Double-X, 100ft, print, and Tri-X reversal, 60ft (double exposed). Film with paresthesia. 


Optical illusions, retina debris and hallucinations, migraine lightning, gay cruising grounds in Edinburgh (shot blind, no viewfinder), Calton Hill’s Fuck Tree, Narda’s house, Narda’s abusive neighbor, candles and cures. More. Michelle Hannah’s arm and hand. Shot at ROST, Glasgow, March 2019 (Salut (1934), Souci (1934), Schiap (1934), Sleeping (1938), Snuff (for men; 1939), Roi Soleil (1946), Zut! (1948)). Seeking  homosexual narratives in the museum; seeking supernatural experiences, objects or histories in the museum (lost footage). I say nothing (again) on the Angénieux lens (lost footage or double exposed). Every marble step in work No. 1059 made to resemble retinal hallucinations (lost footage). Frame by frame flowers in Catherine’s garden (double exposed). Thanks to Bea Haut, Film in Process, University of East London. With thanks to Leah Millar. Film exposed to trauma.

From Barry Lyndon (1975): ‘Barry’s goading and verbal repartee ultimately sends him into a fit of convulsions’


‘Michelle Hannah’s Arm, Anonymous Writes A Spell for the Camera’, 16mm, black and white, silent, 4 mins, 57 secs, 2019, shot at ROST, Glasgow, for Michelle Hannah

Alexander Hetherington